The purpose of this interview guide is to assist the consumer in determining the expertise and competence of the home inspector prior to engaging that inspector's services. While most inspectors properly perform their services pursuant to industry standards, or in accordance with the requirements of the state agency licensing or regulating home inspectors (in Texas it's TREC) , uninformed consumers may be unaware of the history, experience or basic business philosophy of individual inspectors.

While these questions may help determine the competency of the inspector(s) interviewed, the consumer should understand the answers to the questions alone do not determine an inspector's competency. Responses must be interpreted, other investigations may be needed, or other data obtained to make the proper selection.

In most cases, the home buyer makes the final decision in hiring the home inspector. Therefore, great care should be exercised in this interview and selection process.

Here are

Here are "25 questions for your inspector interview:

  1. What should a home buyer be careful about when choosing a home inspector?
  2. What typical mistakes do you feel home buyers make when having properties inspected or selecting inspectors?
  3. If you were buying a property that was at least 20 years old, what inspections would you personally require as the buyer based on your own experience?
  4. How long have you been licensed to inspect residential properties?
  5. What is your construction background and are you formally educated in construction sciences?
  6. What other licenses do you presently hold? (Real Estate, trades, mold, termite, thermography?)
  7. Are you a member of The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) or The Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors (TAREI) and if so, for how long?
  8. Do you carry Errors and Omission insurance for the properties you inspect? If so, how much and will you provide a certificate of insurance?
  9. If you do not carry E & O insurance, how will you warrant and financially stand behind your inspection services;
  10. Does your Inspection come with a Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee?
  11. Do you Guarantee your inspection?
  12. Have you ever had a complaint filed against you or been sued as a result of your inspection business and, if so, explain the circumstance(s) and how the matter(s) were resolved?
  13. What is your policy if your inspection report fails to reveal a deficiency that subsequently is discovered after the property is purchased?
  14. How many inspections do you typically conduct on an average day of inspecting and how lengthy is your report?
  15. When will you furnish a written inspection report and what form will that report take?
  16. Who do you represent in an inspection and how do you deal with people you don't represent who may object to your inspection findings?
  17. How do you interpret the role of the real estate licensee (the agent) in the property inspection process?
  18. Have you ever been requested by real estate licensees (agents), to limit or minimize your inspection findings and, if so, how did you respond to those requests?
  19. If a real estate licensee has ever been upset with you because of your inspection, what caused that licensee to be so upset?
  20. Do you have any objections to real estate licensees, or anyone else, being present when you conduct your inspections?
  21. How do you feel about lender required repairs in connection with your inspection process?
  22. What are you prohibited from inspecting or commenting on (by policy, licensing or regulation) in a typical home inspection?
  23. Are you willing to provide a list of past customers who have used your inspection services?
  24. Will you recommend that specific inspection "experts" be engaged in the event you feel that the possible condition of certain inspected items may be beyond your professional expertise?
  25. Please provide three reasons why your services as a home inspector provide the buyer with greater value than other inspectors may.

This HOME INSPECTOR 25 QUESTIONS INTERVIEW GUIDE is provided for consumer education.